The popularity of online data backup is increasing with a drop in the prices of data storage services. As some of us are aware, tape has always been the traditional form of data backup; many small and middle level companies and even large organisations have been using tape to create safe and reliable backups which they could access in case on an emergency.

Why then did the need for an online data backup emerge? Before we go into this question, we need to be absolutely clear regarding the meaning of online data backup. Online back up is a process through which backups or “copies” of your data are created on a remote server using a secure Internet connection. The speed at which a backup can be created is much higher when compared to the traditional tape backup. You can also be quite happy in the knowledge that your data is completely safe and is disconnected from the daily abuses of your network. With incremental data backup carried on at regular intervals, your files remain updated and ready for recovery at all times.

With online data backup, you can be sure that your company information is protected from prying eyes. Most of the time, the reputable providers of online backup services ensure complete security, authority, authentication, and encryption of data. This way, people who are not authorised cannot access your valuable data at any stage in the entire data storage and management process.

What is the cost of online data backup? The costs of such service would depend on the volume of data you want to store and manage. The providers generally offer free software for a secure Internet connection which is extremely crucial to complete the download from the remote servers. A client would only need to pay them to keep the data until the time comes for a data recovery.

Many companies have started using online data backup to reduce the time taken in the backup process as well. A disk to disk backup does not take much time to complete.

The demand for online data backup is quite high and many suppliers are rising to the challenge and offering their services to meet the needs of small and middle level business units. Safeguarding mission critical data or dealing with a threat of a data accident is no longer such grave problems. To know more about online data backup and offsite backup, you can visit connect.


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